Micro-wheels, micro-valves, calibrated optical devices, springs... MyMEMS® products are silicon components custom-made by SilMach® from your specifications when you're aiming for hyper-miniaturization on the sub-micrometer scale.

MyMEMS® is also a unique robotized assembly capability developed by SilMach® for a wide range of silicon and micromechanical components.


At certain scales, only silicon structures meet the demanding levels of precision and tolerance. MyMEMS® is aimed at all those whose ultra-precision needs cannot be met by traditional micromechanics.

These parts can then be hybridized thanks to SilMach's own know-how, enabling them to be integrated into a traditional mechanical environment (metal, plastic, ceramic) and electrically connected by wire bonding. This expertise enables us to produce assemblies in a matter of seconds, at production rates of up to several million parts a year.


MyMEMS® ​​leverages SilMach's know-how and skills in the design, production and assembly of high-precision silicon parts.

Made to order, MyMEMS® parts can be delivered raw on wafer, in individual packages or assembled in their final environment, in very large quantities or for smaller production runs.

With its MyMEMS® offer, SilMach® integrates Silicon elements on micromechanical modules that can be directly implanted in your final product. SilMach® has recognized expertise in the hybridization of silicon parts on micromechanical platforms of all types.

Our products and services

The micro-mechanisms manufactured and assembled by SilMach adapt to your specifications and offer a wide range of design possibilities: micro-wheels, micro-valves, escapement mechanisms and watch complications, springs, micro-fluidics...

SilMach also works with materials, using a variety of metal deposition and treatment processes to enhance the robustness of your parts, for example.

For other cleanroom services, SilMach is at your disposal to meet your needs.

" MyMEMS® from SilMach® proposes to integrate the silicon parts on micromechanical modules that can be directly installed in your finished product. SilMach® is renowned for its know-how in the hybridization of silicon parts on all types of micromechanical platforms. "